Environmental Care


Virgin Industries is committed to green production, Conversation and devoted to be responsible for the use of natural resources and waste management. Set free nature is the responsibility of every person. We manufacture kraft paper using eco-friendly process to save natural resources. A highly transparent record in each of these areas makes the company an environmentally compliant paper industry.

Green Production
Zero Discharge of Waste Water


A significant amount of water is used in the pulping process and moving forward, water reuse is anticipated to become increasingly more vital in this industry segment. Just as with water usage, many of the changes that the industry has made on the treatment side have been in response to social and environmental stewardship initiatives.

We make use of the modern recycling technologies which makes zero discharge of waste water and it can be reused for the production thus reducing the consumption of water.


70% of energy is saved when using a recycled material as a raw material instead of virgin pulp. We are here to make the change and to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials. We make paper using 100% recycled raw material, giving new life to the discarded waste paper. Making paper with recycled paper uses less water and energy than the virgin paper.

100% Recycled Material