Kraft Paper


Virgin Industries is renowned as one of the best Kraft Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Our company stands out in the market as it offers the best quality Virgin Papers, making it the first choice for the customers in the town.

Virgin Industries adds value to Recycled Kraft Paper in each stage of production. The steep rise in demand for Kraft Sheets relies on the aim to increase the usage of 100% Recycled Paper, thereby reducing the tons of wrapper products that end up in dump yards.

Virgin Industries manufacture 100% Recycled Paper from comparatively good quality paper waste, sourced and processed to excellence in our Recycled Kraft Paper Mill.

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Production Bust Factor GSM Deckle Size
18,000 tonnes/annum 12, 14, 16 BF 70-180 gsm 2.4 meters


  • Corrugated box manufacturing
  • Cracker industry
  • Paper sacks for cement, food, chemicals, consumer goods, flour bags etc
  • Electrical insulation in large oil-filled transformers
  • Paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, envelopes and other packaging
  • An inexpensive material for lining particle boards
  • The base paper for sandpaper
  • Corrugating media
  • Corrugating Liner
  • Decorative Laminates
  • Textile Processing
  • Core Pipes
  • Textile Tubes
  • Paper Bags
  • Textile Pattern Making
  • Our virgin product is suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications.
  • The Recycled Wrappers are produced in Kraft Paper Rolls to convert into useful forms.
  • The wrappers are preferred in the making of stationery products and corrugated boxes.
  • Brown wrapper lies as the base material for manufacturing Kraft Paper Bag.
  • Virgin Paper, manufactured by Virgin Industries, delivers significant functions in various applications.
  • These are used as the outer layer of the packaging as it withstands the pressure created when logos are imprinted on it.
  • Kraft Paper is preferred in the million dollar industries such as food & beverage, cosmetics, personal care, textile, fashion, and electronics.
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Kraft Paper Manufacturing Process


100% recycled paper is the base material for our firm's production of a Brown Paper Roll. Our team of experts is very much keen on selecting the imported waste paper that passes through the testing parameter of high grade. Our stringent checklist on quality reflects the kick-off from sourcing and procurement of raw materials.

With the latest discoveries in manufacturing methods, the procured materials are processed and converted into a quality kraft paper substance. In the production process, the requisite volume of sulfite chemical is added.

Virgin Industries concentrates on preferring the chemical composition of sulfite, which uplifts the quality of Virgin Kraft Paper. The objective of adding sulfite is to enhance the physical properties of the packaging paper.

Virgin Industries’ Kraft Brown Paper Roll is free from the lignin substance. The tear resistance of a wrapper greatly depends on the presence of lignin. We manufacture Virgin Brown Paper at the highest standard, making it suitable for different applications.

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Being acclaimed as one of the most trusted Kraft Paper Manufacturers, our company has created milestones within a short time by the way we lead the industry with benchmarking quality metrics and end-product excellence. Virgin Industries never make a compromise in the standard of our kraft manufacturing process as the wrapper product is completely ecofriendly.

The supply chain in our manufacturing plant is designed to minimize the critical time for the production of Brown Paper. Producing the Paper Roll of defined gsm, thickness, texture, and dimensions are assured throughout the production process from the first lot to Nth lot manufactured in a day.

The dropdown of the recycled paper-making process is governed by the best resources allocated at each stage. Our highly skilled human resource follows stringent quality testing at different process points to re-assure the expected quality is obtained at different stages, and defined quality is produced holistically in the finished product.

Our advanced methods of Kraft Paper production have created leverage for Virgin Industries to keep the lowest buffer time possible. Thereby supporting our customers to satisfy their requirements quicker and gratify the instant market demand more efficiently.

We have been the people’s first preference as our Kraft Sheets can be utilized in the production of various products.

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Kraft Paper Roll Manufacturers
3RS - Waste Management


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the mantra of Virgin Industries. With the latest infrastructure incorporated into our facility, we reduced the possibility of material wastage during the process. Hence, our company has taken the initiative to achieve the first R in 3Rs.

In addition to the plant, our holistic approach to achieving ‘reuse’ is executed by installing the waste management system to collect and process and utilize it in the production process.

The third R in 3Rs is achieved by Virgin Industries to create a sustainable environment. Our manufacturing facility has facilitated us to produce the highest quality Recycled Paper obtained from waste/scrap wrappers.

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Brown Kraft Paper from Virgin Industries has impacted the packaging industry and pulled the attention of major industrial players to prefer our products as they are highly ecofriendly.

Virgin Paper and Recycled Brown Paper are the primary requirements of the highest quality. Virgin Industries fulfils its requirements in every business transaction.

With the manufacturing facilities in our Kraft Paper Mill, we have the potential and capacity to manufacture Brown Paper of different gsm properties. The thickness of a Virgin Paper decides its preference for various applications. Virgin Industries is rated as the most reliable Kraft Paper Suppliers to satisfy the varying requirements of our customers for uplifting their business transactions in Kraft Paper Wholesale, Bulk Quantities, and MG Kraft Paper Dealership.

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Corrugated Box Making


The quality of Kraft Paper is determined by the manufacturing process. In our plant, world-class infrastructure is incorporated to manufacture Kraft Wrappers of the highest quality. Tear Resistance is one of the critical properties of the Paper Roll. We fulfill the customer’s demand for high tear resistance of Brown Paper.